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Mingchuan Zhou


Research Assistant

Room MI 03.07.042
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Address Institut für Informatik VI
Technische Universität München
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching bei München
Xiebing Wang

Curriculum Vitæ

My research topic now includes robot-assisted technologies for vitreo-retinal ophthalmologic surgery and optical coherence tomography (i-OCT) Image processing.

2015.10 - present Research Assistant at Institut für Informatik VI, Technische Universität München
2015.06 - 2015.06 System Engineer in DJI, China
2012.09 - 2015.03 M.Eng. in Agricultural Mechanization Engineering at Zhejiang University, China
2008.09 - 2012.06 B.Eng. in Agricultural Mechanization Engineering at Northeast Agricultural University, China


Thesis Topics:

If you are interested in the following topics, please feel free to contact me.

Teaching and Experience


[1] Mingchuan Zhou, Hessam Roodaki, Abouzar Eslami, Guang Chen, Kai Huang, Mathias Maier, Chris P. Lohmann, Alois Knoll, and M. Ali Nasseri. Needle segmentation in volumetric optical coherence tomography images for ophthalmic microsurgery. In Applied Sciences, July 2017. [ .bib | .pdf ]
[2] Jinzhu Lu, Mingchuan Zhou, Yingwang Gao, and Huanyu Jiang. Using hyperspectral imaging to discriminate yellow leaf curl disease in tomato leaves. Precision Agriculture, pages 1-16, 2017. [ .bib ]
[3] Zhuohua Jiang, Mingchuan Zhou, Junhua Tong, Huanyu Jiang, Yefeng Yang, Aichen Wang, and Zhaohong You. Comparing an ant colony algorithm with a genetic algorithm for replugging tour planning of seedling transplanter. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 113:225-233, 2015. [ .bib ]